Book Review: The Disneyland Book of Lists, by Chris Strodder

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The Disneyland Book of Lists, by Chris StrodderAs a self-proclaimed Disney Parks addict, I was excited to receive and read The Disneyland Book of Lists. I did, however, expect to spend most of the book telling myself, “Knew that, knew that, disagree with that…” because, quite frankly, I expected it to be just another tourist guidebook with recommendations for experiencing the Disneyland Resort.

Instead, I found myself immersed in a Disney nerd’s fantasy, exploring the trivia, minutiae, and history of Disneyland with page after page of unique lists that the author obviously spent years compiling. I was hooked by page 20, with “30 Walt Disney Quotes about Disneyland.” Some of them I was familiar with, like the story of coming up with the concept for Disneyland after watching his daughters ride the merry-go-round, but other quotes were new to me and added more depth to my understanding of Walt’s vision for and love of this park.

For the average first-time visitor, The Disneyland Book of Lists would probably be more meaningful after visiting the park than before. Return visitors may enjoy some of the lists for planning out new things to see and experience that they may have overlooked on previous trips. A few lists that I would use in planning a trip are “11 Serene Disneyland Hideaways,” “Approximate Ride Times of Disneyland Attractions,” “A Dozen Shops with Actual Artists at Work,” and “A Dozen Iconic Disneyland Dishes and Sides.”

Ultimately, though, this book is written by and for the hardcore Disney aficionado, the person who delights in finding a new hidden Mickey and who notices when there’s a script change on an attraction. The book will likely inspire a bit of nostalgia for those who grew up visiting Disneyland, due to the large number of lists that include references to long-gone attractions or to the changes that attractions and the park as a whole have undergone throughout the 60 years of The Happiest Place on Earth, such as “Disneyland’s Opening Day Attractions” and “The Dozen Oldest Attractions to be Retired.” Collectors may also find value in a few of the lists, including “61 Disneyland Attraction Posters” and “17 Magazines Featuring Disneyland on Their Covers.”

In summary, if you are new to the magic and wonder of the Disney Parks and still trying to figure out the difference between Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Disneyland Railroad, you would be better served by purchasing a good up-to-date guidebook that talks about both Disneyland and California Adventure. If, however, you are a tried and true Disney fan who has a favorite Jungle Cruise joke and a favorite window on Main Stre­­­et, this book will be a delightful addition to your Disney library.

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by Amy Vassar

Amy Vassar is a travel enthusiast and Spanish professor who hails from the Northwest. While she wouldn't turn down a trip anywhere in the world, she and her husband and 3 children are partial to Disney World, Hawaii, and Latin America.

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