My Favorite Disneyland Attraction

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I was prompted by the birthday contest at the Disney Blog to think about the answer to the question:
“What is your favorite Disney theme park attraction or show and why?”
Those of you who saw Video Episode 6 – Disneyland – Jungle Cruise probably already know the answer. The Jungle Cruise has long been one of my favorites. When I was very young it took itself very seriously (and I apparently took it seriously also as I gave my brother a bloody nose fighting over who would go first in line for the Jungle cruise when I was 4… then after the first aid station I let him go first).
But somewhere around 1997 when the ride was redone and the original boats were replaced, the ride got campy and the jokes got corny. And at that point, it probably started to become one of my favorite rides. You can ride it 3 times in the same day (I like it best at night) and if you get different guides you can get different lame jokes. And anyone who knows me knows that I like lame humor.
“Watch your step and watch your head as you get out of the boat and if you fail to watch your step and hit your head, watch your language as there are children everywhere”.
“If you feel your feet getting wet as you leave the boat, you’ve probably gone out the wrong side. Don’t fall in the water as you leave… we’ll have to charge you extra.”
“Well folks, I hope you all enjoyed your trip around the jungle. I had such a good time- I’m going to go again! (low voice)… and again, and again, and again…”

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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I totally agree this is one of the best rides at Disneyland so is Indiana Jones.

Dave Peterson


I was there this past spring and got to ride it the morning it opened after a refurbishment. Cool to see a few new things for the very first time.

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