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In a word, “romantic”. That was my first impression of the Westlake Village Inn where I had the privilege of being a guest* last week. With the ponds, the gazebo and the rose arbors on the grounds I was disappointed that my wife was only able to join me for one of the two nights of my stay. This is an accommodation that deserves to be shared.

Now granted, others might see the golf course next to the Inn and think of this as a good destination for golf instead of romance, but the last time I played golf was in 1975… and I shot a 75… on the front 9 and a 75 on the back 9.

The rooms of the Inn are spacious and well appointed. The largest of all  the rooms is the Villa which offers:

1,500 square feet of palatial elegance featuring private full-service wet bar, dining and living room areas, natural wood flooring, spiral stairway, two fireplaces, three televisions, piano and vaulted ceilings.

My room was the more modest Mini-Suite which is 500 square feet (only slightly smaller than our first apartment in California) with a flat screen TV, a second TV in the bathroom, a Jacuzzi tub, a  double sink, a stereo, a fireplace and of course in a phone in the bathroom. (I always wonder who the phone in the bathroom is for. Please tell me you have never called me from there). The hotel also offers free wi-fi.

Being able to turn on the gas fireplace from a switch by the bed reminded me of the hotel where my wife and I stayed the night after our wedding. At that hotel we figured out how to turn on the fireplace but did not figure out the thermostat so we froze trying to heat the room by the fireplace. We had no such issues at the Westlake Village Inn fortunately.

My initial impression of the Westlake Village Inn as romantic was echoed by Joshua who is the manager of the Saddle Peak Lodge which I reviewed earlier this week. Joshua gets a lot of wedding parties at the Lodge and they often will refer them to the Westlake Village Inn as both romantic and also more affordable that some of the other luxury hotels in the area.

I would certainly consider staying again at the Westlake Village Inn, but I promise you… I won’t call you from the bathroom.

* When I say I was the guest of the Inn, let me spell that out that I stayed there for two nights  for free in exchange for me writing this review. They did not ask for, nor would it have been appropriate to ask for, a chance to preview or edit this review.

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